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Tail stock machine series

● integral high-density resin sand casting - body casting bed, ensuring that the whole machine is highly rigid, not easy to deform, stable, durable and easy to use. ● it is equipped with high-precision hydraulic chuck, which can clamp the workpiece efficiently, stably and with small deflection. The hydraulic tail top is stably supported and equipped with 12 position power tool tower. The power head and turning tool can be switched freely; The power turret is equipped with y-axis Up and down, large workpieces, long shafts, multi linkage, high rigidity turning and milling and other complex workpieces - sub molding, is a powerful tool for turning and milling composite processing. ● the y-axis control function is selected to achieve the four axis linkage function of X, y, Z and C. eccentric milling, drilling and working teeth can be carried out within the effective stroke of y-axis machining, and the machining accuracy of multiple projects under the general three-axis simultaneous machining mode can be improved. ● complete composite functions such as power turret, c-axis, Y-axis and auxiliary spindle are selected, so that the machine can carry out milling, drilling, power tooth and eccentric milling in one machine, and the processing capacity is equivalent to the integration of two CNC lathes and milling machines. Greatly save processing time and labor, and avoid errors caused by the workpiece moving between machines. ● it can be equipped with automatic feeder or loading and unloading manipulator to realize automatic production and save labor costs. ● the whole machine has a full protective appearance, which can be matched with the chip conveyor to automatically remove chips, which is simple, elegant, safe and convenient.

▌ Processing application

Automobile, aviation, machinery manufacturing.

▌ Body structure details



Servo power turret +y axis



Servo power turret +y axis + tailstock



Servo power turret +y axis + double spindle



Servo power turret +y axis + back axis machining


Under the synchronous control of equal speed, the auxiliary spindle accurately receives the workpiece from the spindle,
Then carry out the second project at the back end of the workpiece, which can not only save the transfer manpower,
Moreover, the accuracy error of workpiece secondary positioning setting is reduced.

Higher machining accuracy can be obtained by machining long workpieces (such as mandrels) through the auxiliary spindle.

Both ends of the workpiece are clamped and supported

by the main shaft and the auxiliary main shaft at the same time to carry out the precision machining of the middle section of the workpiece,
The slender workpiece can be directly sent out with the through hole of the auxiliary spindle.


▌ Technical Parameters

 Machine data / Model  number Units TCK-46MY TCK-46MYW TCK-52MYW TCK-52YDW
Maximum turning diameter over bed mm Φ560 Φ620 Φ620 Φ600
Maximum machining diameter(Disk type) mm Φ400 Φ500 Φ500 Φ450
Maximum swing diameter over  the table mm Φ200 Φ320 Φ320 Φ210
Maximum processing length mm 300 450 450 500
Spindle cone type   A2-5 A2-5 A2-6 A2-6
Grip type   Collet/6" chuck Collet/6" chuck Collet/8" chuck Collet/8" chuck
Spindle bore diameter mm Φ56 Φ56 Φ66 Φ66
Maximum bar diameter mm Φ45 Φ45 Φ52 Φ52
Spindle speed rpm 4500 4500 4000 4000
Spindle motor power kw 7.5(servo) 7.5(servo) 11(servo) 11/15(servo)
Spindle index repeated positioning  accuracy ° ±0.005 ±0.005 ±0.005 ±0.005
X/Y/Z-axis travel mm 210/100/360 270/80/450 270/80/450 250/80/610
Fast displacement of  X/Y/Z- axis m/min 30/20/30 20/15/20 20/15/20 30/20/30
X/Y/Z-axis repeated positioning  accuracy mm ±0.003 ±0.003 ±0.003 ±0.003
X/Z /Y -axis motor power kw 2.4/1.7/2.4 2.4/1.7/2.4 2.4/2.4/2.4 2.4/2.4/2.4
Tool-rest type type 12/15 positions 12/15 positions 12 positions 12 positions
Square/boring-tool specifications mm 25*25/Φ32 25*25/Φ32 25*25/Φ32 25*25/Φ32
Turret motor power kw 1 1 1 1
Dynamic servo motor power kw 3.1 3.1 3.1 3.1
Dynamic head specifications   BMT40 BMT40 BMT45 BMT55
Tail-stock sleeve diameter mm / 68 68 80
Maximum tail-stock sleeve stroke mm / / / 80
Maximum tail-stock stroke mm / 450 450 450
Tail-stock sleeve type   / Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Tail-stock sleeve taper MT / Mohs 5# Mohs 5# Mohs 5#
Hydraulic motor power kw 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Pump motor power kw 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75
Machine weight (approximately) kg 3400 4200 4300 4600
Machine size(Length×width×height) mm 2050×1800×2100 2350x1750x2100 2350x1750x2100 2700×2100×2300


 Machine data / Model  number Units TCK-52MYS(Dual-spindle)
Maximum turning diameter over bed mm Φ620
Maximum machining diameter(Disk type) mm Φ500
Maximum swing diameter over  the table mm Φ320
Maximum processing length mm 550
Spindle cone type   A2-6
Grip type   Collet/8" chuck
Spindle bore diameter mm Φ65
Maximum bar diameter mm Φ52
Spindle speed rpm 4000
Spindle motor power kw 15(servo)
Spindle index repeated positioning  accuracy ° ±0.005
X/Y/Z/Z2-axis travel mm 270/±50/600/500
Fast displacement of  X/Y/Z- axis m/min 20/15/20
X/Y/Z-axis repeated positioning  accuracy mm ±0.003
X/Z /Y -axis motor power kw 3.9/2.4/3.9
Tool-rest type type 12 positions
Square/boring-tool specifications mm 25*25/Φ40
Turret swirling motor power kw 1.0 
Dynamic servo motor power kw 3.1 
Dynamic head specifications   BMT45(55)/ER25/ER32
Vice-spindle type   A2-5 electric spindle
Vice-spindle travel mm 500
Vice-spindle cone type   A2-5
Vice-spindle Grip type   筒夹/5寸卡盘
Vice-Spindle bore diameter mm Φ56
Maximum bar diameter mm Φ45
Vice-spindle speed rpm 6000
Vice-spindle power kw 11
X/Y/Z-axis repeated positioning  accuracy mm ±0.005
X/Y/Z-axis motor power kw 2.4
Machine weight (approximately) kg 5000
Machine size(Length×width×height) mm 2700×1750×2250