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Five-axis machining center series

● Using high speed straight spindle, three axis rail and high efficiency B/C double axis dividing plate, combined with high rigid body, to provide high speed, high precision and high efficiency processing capacity. ● Multi - surface processing the same disk to reduce the workpiece setting and fixture preparation, improve the processing efficiency.

▌ processing applications

Automobile parts, 3C products, impeller, aerospace parts, medical supplies other high-tech industrial small parts.




▌ Technical Parameters


 Machine data / Model  number Units SXH-U500 VMC-U650
X/Y/Z axis travel mm 500/450/450 800/520/460
B tilt wheel rotation range +120~-110 +120~-120
C-axis rotation range 360 360
Spindel nose to  table surface mm 150600 200660
Spindel drive   built-in type Direct coupled
Tool holder type   HSK-A63 HSK-A63
Spindel speed rpm 24000 24000
ATC cross system      
Tool magazine capacity T 32 32
Tool specification   HSK-A63 HSK-A63
Maximum tool length mm 250 250
Maximum tool diameter (no adjacent knife) mm Φ76(Φ125) Φ76(Φ125)
Spindel motor (continuous/30 min) kw 25 30
X/Y/Z axis motor power kw 2.3/2.3/3.3 4.3/5.2/4.3
B/C-axis motor power kw 17/11.4 17/11.4
BC axis      
Table area mm Φ500 Φ650
Center bore  mm Φ50H7×10 Φ50H7×10
T-type slot number/spacings /size mm 7-63×14 5-100×18
Maximum workpiece volume mm Φ600 Φ600
Workpiece loading capacity kg 300 300
External velocity displacement      
Rapid traverse of X/Y/Z-axis M/min 48/48/48 24/24/24
Rapid traverse of B/C-axis rpm 50/120 50/120
 Cutting feed rate mm/min 1-20000 1-8000
Positioning  accuracy mm ±0.005/300 ±0.005/300
Repeatability accuracy mm ±0.003/300 ±0.003/300
Control system      
Controller   SIEMENS 840D SIEMENS 840D
Other items      
Machine weight kg 6500 9200
Watertank capacity L 200 300
Machine dimensions  (length × width × height) mm 2200×2800×2600 3000×2900×2700
Total power KVA 25 25
Air pressure source kg/cm2 ≥6 ≥6