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Common problem
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Card knife:

Knife cylinder without oil, no pressure,refueling, adjusting the amount of knife

Handwheel without action:

handwheel joint loosening knife, adjust handwheel joint

The cutter sleeve is not in place vertically:

blade sheath wheel split, replacement of knife sleeve

Low battery voltage, big jitter of tool holder:

the cam of the tool library is broken, replacement of batteries, cams

Oil Leakage of Oil Cooler:

oil leakage from tubing,replacement of tubing

No power on boot panel:

io insurance is bad,replacement of io insurance

Automatic knife drop:

Short Circuit Caused by Water Intake of Loose Knife Button,cleaning and replacing looseknife button

Four-axis batteries are dead:

encoder line fault ,replacement of four-axis encoder line

Inaccurate positioning of cutter:

belt wheel ring of spindle moto,remove spindle motor and debug belt pulley

Leakage of spindle:

loose knife tightening knife solenoid valve failure, change the solenoid valve of the loosening knife tightener and debug it

Manual can't loosen knife:

loose knife wire break ,replacement of loose knife wire

Loss of knife library count:

damage of cutter head motor contactor ,replacement of contactors