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Turning milling compound machine series

● Adopting 21TB of Taiwan's new 6-axis system to support C-axis (spindle) /X/Y/Z/A/B-axis CNC interpolation function, support X/Z/Y/C/A/B axis linkage processing, realize multi-axis Linked turning and milling compound, support milling flat position / drilling / tapping / engraving / turning, etc., can complete complex parts processing at one time, thereby improving product accuracy and reducing processes; ● 30° slant bed structure, ultra-long stroke design, with sufficient power of the cutter head, the milling and milling workpiece can be completed at one time; ● X, Z-axis screw adopts double pre-tensioning structure, which can ensure that the change of the heat and cold machine is within 0.005mm, and it has high- rigidity cutting. The 45# steel can be cut normally with a single-sided tooling capacity of 3mm; ● Optional with row knife or 8 station hydraulic knife tower or servo knife tower, is conducive to the strip machine proofing random call knife; ● The power head mechanism adopts high-precision grinding gear transmission structure, which has strong rigidity, large torque and high wear resistance; ● 1 to 8 power heads on the end face or side can be arbitrarily selected, flexible and practical.

▌ Processing application



▌ Body structure details


Power head + Y axis + row knife combination

Power head + Y axis + turret combination

High-precision spindle + rotary cylinder with hydraulic clamping device

    Standard: neat and simple                  electrical cabinet


▌ Technical Parameters

Machine data / Model  number Units TCK-46Y/46YD TCK-52Y/52YD
Maximum turning diameter over bed mm Φ560 Φ560
Maximum workspace(length) mm 300 300
Maximum machining diameter(Disk type) mm Φ400 Φ400
Spindle bore diameter mm Φ56 Φ62
Maximum bar diameter mm Φ45 Φ52
Spindle speed rpm 4000 3500
Spindle cone type ASA A2-5 A2-6
Spindle motor power kw 7.5(servo) 11(servo)
Bed structure (slant bed) type Resin sand castings Resin sand castings
Guiding rail type type Linear  Linear 
Tool turrets type type 8 or 12 positions(hydraulic/servo) 8 or 12 positions(hydraulic/servo)
Tool specification mm 16×16/20×20 16×16/20×20
X/Z /Y -axis motor power kw 2.4、2.4、1.7 2.4、2.4、1.7
X-axis travel mm 1100 1100
Z-axis travel mm 360 360
Y-axis travel mm 240 240
Fast displacement of  X/Z- axis m/min 24 24
Fast displacement of  Y- axis m/min 15 15
X/Z axis repeated positioning  accuracy mm ±0.003 ±0.003
Processing accuracy GB IT6 IT6
Power head type type Gear type(dual motors) Gear type(dual motors)
Power head chuck model er ER25 ER25
Number of power heads (end + side) pcs 3+3/4+4 3+3/4+4
Power head maximum speed rpm 3000 3000
Machine weight (approximately) kg 3300 3400
Machine size(Length×width×height) mm 2050x1800x2100 2050x1800x2100