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Intelligent manufacturing Thirteenth five-year , upgrade made in China.

Intelligent manufacturing Thirteenth five-year , upgrade made in China.

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The “Spiritual Manufacturing 13th Five-Year Development Plan” that everyone is expecting is finally released. The “Planning” proposes to promote the “two-step” strategy of smart manufacturing implementation by 2025, and at the same time proposes to accelerate the capture of key technical equipment and strengthen common technological innovation. Ten key tasks such as increasing the intensity of pilot promotion, building the foundation of industrial Internet, and cultivating an intelligent manufacturing ecosystem. The policy landing is in line with expectations, and innovation drive and classification advance into the main theme.
"Road map" to explore the development path of Chinese characteristics
Xin Guobin, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that China's manufacturing industry is growing and will become the largest manufacturing country by 2015. However, it still has a big gap with other advanced countries in terms of brand shaping and innovation capabilities. A bottleneck that needs to be cracked. At present, the domestic economy is declining, and the slowdown in investment growth must focus on promoting smart manufacturing as a new driving force for cultivating advanced manufacturing.
Accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing is the only way to cultivate new kinetic energy for China's economic growth. It is a strategic choice to seize the commanding heights of the future economy and science and technology development. It will promote the structural reform of China's manufacturing supply side, create new competitive advantages for China's manufacturing industry, and realize a manufacturing power. It has important strategic significance.
Li Dong, director of the Equipment Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that smart manufacturing has become an important development trend in the world's manufacturing industry. The new generation of information technology represented by the Internet is accelerating and integrating with the manufacturing industry. Countries around the world are formulating relevant policies for smart manufacturing, and making smart manufacturing the direction of industrial transformation and development.
To this end, the plan has clarified the “road map” for the demonstration and promotion of smart manufacturing, including: increasing the pilot demonstration and promotion of smart manufacturing, piloting new models of intelligent manufacturing, selecting smart manufacturing benchmarking companies, and continuously summarizing experiences and models. Industry transplantation and promotion. At the same time, we will promote the intelligent transformation of key areas, and pilot the construction of digital workshops or smart factories in the ten key areas of "Made in China 2025", and promote the application of digital technology, system integration technology and intelligent manufacturing equipment in traditional manufacturing.
"Two steps," smart manufacturing is not a one-off
Promote the “two-step” strategy for smart manufacturing implementation: The first step is to significantly enhance the foundation and support capabilities of smart manufacturing development by 2020. Digital manufacturing is realized in the key areas of traditional manufacturing, and the intelligent transformation of key industries with conditions and foundations has been evident. progress. The second step is to basically establish a smart manufacturing support system by 2025, and the key industries will initially achieve intelligent transformation. In order to achieve these goals, 10 key tasks have been proposed, including accelerating the acquisition of key technology equipment; second, strengthening the innovation of key common technologies; third, building a standard system for intelligent manufacturing; and fourth, building the foundation of the industrial Internet, etc. 10 initiatives.
"Ten missions", facing the pain points of the industry
In view of the bottlenecks faced by intelligent manufacturing and the “pain points” of the industry, “Planning” puts forward ten key tasks: “Planning” puts forward ten key tasks: First, accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment; second, strengthen key common technological innovations; The construction of intelligent manufacturing standards system; the fourth is to build the foundation of industrial Internet; the fifth is to increase the pilot demonstration and promotion of intelligent manufacturing; the sixth is to promote the intelligent transformation of key areas; the seventh is to promote the intelligent transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises; the eighth is to cultivate the intelligent manufacturing ecosystem; It is to promote the coordinated development of regional intelligent manufacturing; the ten is to build a team of intelligent manufacturing talents.
An important reason for the gap is China's shortcomings in core technology. The plan calls for strengthening key common technology innovations, breaking through a number of key common technologies, and arranging and accumulating a batch of core intellectual property rights.