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Tool-array/Tool turret machine series

● Resin sand casting, not easy to deformation, precision long-term stability, reinforced steel structure, with high rigidity and excellent seismic performance; ● 35° inclined bed structure, conducive to chip removal, fully enclosed cover, high-speed, large water cutting. ●X ,Z axis ultra-long stroke design, complex workpiece processing molding; ● The X ,Z axis screw rod adopts double pretension structure, the change of the hot and cold machine is within 0.005mm, high rigidity , 45# steel single side knife holding capacity 3mm cutting; ● High precision, high rotation speed 6000rpm spindle, high light processing special material to achieve mirror effect; ● Can standard with manipulator skylight, with manipulator, feeding rack automatic production.

▌ Processing application

Stainless steel, brass, free cutting steel, low carbon alloy steel, hard alloy steel, special aluminum.


▌ Body structure details

Standard: 1 collet / 6 holders

Standard: Independently mounted hydraulic station

Standard: independent cutting water recovery device

Standard: fully enclosed inner protective cover


▌ Technical Parameters


 Machine data / Model  number Units TCK-25P/25D TCK-36P/36D TCK-46P/46D TCK-52P/52D
Turning diameter over cross slide mm Φ380 Φ400 Φ420 Φ420
Maximum processing length mm 180 230 280 280
Maximum processing diameter(Disk type) mm Φ120 Φ140 Φ260 Φ260
Swing diameter over the table mm Φ100 Φ100 Φ126 Φ126
Diameter of  spindle bore mm Φ36 Φ45 Φ56 Φ62
Maximum bar diameter mm Φ25 Φ35 Φ45 Φ52
Spindle speed rpm 6000 6000 5000 4500
Spindle cone type ASA A2-4(4") A2-4(4") A2-5(5") A2-6(6")
Spindle  motor power kw 3.7(servo) 5.5(servo) 7.5(servo) 11(servo)
Bed structure (slant bed) type Resin sand castings Resin sand castings Resin sand castings Resin sand castings
Guiding rail type type Linear  Linear  Linear  Linear 
Tool rest type type Tool/Turret  Tool/Turret  Tool/Turret  Tool/Turret 
X/Z -axis motor power kw 1/1.3 1.3/1.3 1.7/1.7 1.7/1.7
X-axis travel mm 500 660 900 900
Z-axis travel mm 200 250 360 350
Fast displacement of  X/Z- axis m/min 15 30 28 24
X/Z axis repeatability accuracy mm ±0.003 ±0.003 ±0.003 ±0.003
Processing accuracy GB IT6 IT6 IT6 IT6
Face roughness um Ra≤0.8 Ra≤0.8 Ra≤0.8 Ra≤0.8
Machine weight (approximately) kg 800 1500 2800 3000
Machine size(Length×width×height) mm 1110x930x1450 1330x1060x1450 2050x1800x2100 2050x1800x2100