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Knife tower machine series

● Resin sand casting, not easy to deformation, precision long-term stability, reinforced steel structure, with high rigidity and excellent earthquake resistance; ● Main shaft herringbone design, stable structure, strong rigidity, suitable for strong cutting; ●X ,Z axis are supported by C3 class ball screw and Japanese P4 class ball bearing to improve the machining accuracy. Using linear slide rail, track and track to obtain the optimal span, instead of resistance, high rigidity, fast displacement degree; ● Fully enclosed cover, high speed, high water cutting; ● Optional power turret, with 0 or 90 degree power head, turning and milling once; ● It can be equipped with automatic chip evacuation machine for self-chip removal, easy to clean.

▌ Processing application

Free cutting steel, tool steel, brass, ball bearing steel, stainless steel, aviation aluminum.


▌ Body structure details


Collet chuck (standard) three jaw

chuck (optional)

Knife tower fast tool change + row knife high precision positioning

   Standard: fully enclosed sheet

   metal inner shield

Standard: independent chip water
recovery device


▌ Technical Parameters

 Machine data / Model  number Units TCK-42DW TCK-52DW TCK-75DW
  Maximum turning diameter over bed mm Φ400 Φ560 Φ550
Maximum workspace( length) mm 350 500 700
Maximum maching diameter(Disk type) mm Φ360 Φ450 Φ500
Swing diameter over the table mm Φ170 Φ210 Φ280
Spindle bore diameter mm Φ56 Φ66 Φ93
Maximum bar diameter mm Φ42 Φ52 Φ75
Spindle speed rpm 4500 4200 2600
Spindlecone type ASA A2-5(6″) A2-6(8″) A2-8(10″)
Spindle  motor power kw 7.5(servo) 11(servo) 15(servo)
Bed structure (slant bed) type Resin sand castings Resin sand castings Resin sand castings
Guiding rail type type Linear  Linear  Linear 
Tool turret type type Electric/Servo 8 Positions Electric/Servo 12 Positions Electric/Servo 12 Positions
Square tool-block specifications mm 20 20 20
Boring tool-block specifications mm 25 25 25
Chuck top distance mm 370 550 790
Sleeve stroke & sleeve taper mm 80/Mohs 4 80/Mohs 4 80/Mohs 4
Tail-stock spindle stroke (hydraulic) mm 200 450 750
X/Z- axis motor power kw 2.4 2.4 2.4
X-axis travel mm 200 225 320
Z-axis travel mm 400 610 850
Fast displacement of  X/Z -axis m/min 24 24 24
X/Z- axis repeated positioning  accuracy mm ±0.003 ±0.003 ±0.003
Processing accuracy GB IT6 IT6 IT6
Face roughness um Ra≤0.8 Ra≤0.8 Ra≤0.8
Machine weight (approximately) kg 3300 3500 3600
Machine size(Length×width×height) mm 2350x1720x1805 2600x1800x1860 2600x1800x1860