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What kind of intelligent spark can Internet + manufacturing produce

What kind of intelligent spark can Internet + manufacturing produce

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Today's manufacturing and Internet convergence is the core of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. The manufacturing industry in the world is emphasizing the concept of “intelligent manufacturing”. Western manufacturing powers such as Germany and the United States have successively proposed “Industry 4.0”. Strategic slogans such as the Industrial Internet aim to actively promote the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology, and thus seize the opportunities of market competition.
China's manufacturing industry is "big" rather than "strong"
At present, the main problem of China's industry is “big but not strong”, first of all, the ability of independent innovation is not strong. Some key core technologies are missing and the product quality level is not high. Many high-end equipment, core chips and control systems required for industrial development rely on imports. Secondly, the overcapacity situation in some industries is severe, the resource utilization efficiency is low, the environmental problems are prominent, the industrial structure is not reasonable, the institutional and institutional constraints are prominent, and the low-cost advantages of production factors are gradually weakening. The third performance is that China's manufacturing factor cost pressure continues to increase, resource and environmental constraints continue to increase, and corporate institutional transaction costs are higher. The low-cost competitive advantage has gradually disappeared, and the traditional development method is unsustainable.
Create a “digital + intelligent” new manufacturing ecosystem:
First of all, the government should clarify the main direction and "three positionings", namely, emerging industries, technology directions, and production methods. Secondly, it is necessary to fully implement "Made in China 2025" and promote the supply-side structural reform and deployment, and develop smart manufacturing as a long-term strategic task, classify and stratify guidance, and continue to advance in different stages, and simultaneously implement digitalization during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. The goal of manufacturing popularization and intelligent manufacturing demonstration is to build a new manufacturing system and to implement intelligent manufacturing engineering.
At the enterprise level, it is necessary to formulate a smart manufacturing roadmap, strengthen the development of smart products and services, explore models that are in line with its own reality, actively participate in the formulation of relevant standards, and cultivate smart manufacturing related products.
Industry organizations need to develop from CPS system research and development, formulate system solutions, strengthen talent education and training, and promote multi-party collaboration.
"Internet +" promotes smart manufacturing should become a new mode of production
"Internet +" can promote industrial organization innovation, networking and flattening become the new features of corporate organizational structure. From the point of view of production division, collaborative manufacturing has become an important mode of production organization; from the perspective of cooperation mode, network virtualization has become a new form of enterprise cooperation; from the perspective of marketing methods, e-commerce has enriched the sales channels of enterprises; from the perspective of supply chain management, the network Real-time realization has become a new trend in the upstream and downstream cooperation of the industry chain.
China's manufacturing enterprises also need to reduce costs and increase efficiency, improve quality and efficiency, so companies need to integrate traditional enterprise business with a new generation of information technology, intelligent technology, big data analysis technology, artificial intelligence technology.