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Vertical/Horizontal double-duty(5-axis) machining center series
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Vertical/Horizontal double-duty(5-axis) machining center series

● the pentahedral machining center adopts the overall structural design, which is composed of a horizontal machining center and a vertical machining center; They use a set of work plane system together, and are equipped with a rotary indexing device, which can rotate at any angle to realize multi-facet, turning and milling composite machining. ● the function of the machine tool is highly automated. It is equipped with double spindle and hydraulic rotary gear to realize five axis control. Five side processing can be completed in one clamping, reducing the error of multiple clamping and improving the accuracy. The structural design of vertical and horizontal double bt40/bt50 spindles meets the precision cutting of high hardness materials. The vertical and horizontal spindle can use direct transmission mode to achieve direct torque output. ● the pentahedral machining center meets the complex processing of large parts, breaking the traditional processing mode, improving processing efficiency, spatial accuracy and product quality. It has the characteristics of high rigidity, high power, high torque and heavy cutting in similar equipment, and can give full play to the high-precision machining performance. It can directly cut, skew weave and arc interpolation cutting, and complete milling, boring, drilling, expanding, reaming, tapping and other processing procedures. ● the system is simplified and energy-saving, cost saving, energy consumption saving, manpower saving and floor area saving. ● strong and delicate fuselage structure, high rigidity, high speed and high precision. ● the turntable has clearance elimination function to increase rigidity. ● a set of system controls two units, and the CNC system with special treatment can switch between vertical and horizontal to efficiently complete the precision machining of pentahedral parts.

▌ Processing application

Led curtain wall, new energy, large communication cavity, aerospace, machinery processing industry, etc.


▌ Technical Parameters

 Machine data / Model  number Units SXH-VH1163 SXH-VH1170
Vertical type Horizontal type Vertical type Horizontal type
Size of  the turnable  table (Length×width) mm 800×800 500×500
Numbers of pallet set 1     1    
Table indexing 0.001/1º 0.001/1º
Workpiece loading capacity kg 700 500
Table left and right stroke (vertical X-axis) mm 1100 1100
Column spindle center front and rear stroke (vertical Y-axis) mm 847 700
Headstock up and down stroke (horizontal Y-axis) mm   600   600
Headstock up and down stroke (vertical Z-axis) mm 650   720  
V-H spindel nose to table surface mm 135-785   150-870  
V-H spindel center to table center mm   160760   600~ -140
Horizontal spindel nose to table center mm   124-971   310-1010
Vertical guide surface to spindle center mm 702   765  
Spindle taper(D-coupled)   BT40 BT40
Maximum spindle speed(V-H) rpm 12000 12000
Spindle motor power(V-H) KW 11 11
Swirling axis feed motor power KW 3.0/3.0/3.0/3.0/3.0 3.0/3.0/3.0/3.0/3.0
Fast moving speed (X/Y/Z) m/min 36/36/36 36/36/36
Maximum turnable table speed r/min 10 10
Tool  magazine  Pcs 24 24
Maximum tool diameter(Full/non-adjacent) mm ø75/ø150 ø75/ø150
Maximum tool length mm 300 300
Maximum tool weight kg 8 8
ATC time (knife versus knife) s 2.5 2.5
Positioning  accuracy mm ±0.005/300 ±0.005/300
Repeatability accuracy mm ±0.003/300 ±0.003/300
Angle positioning  accuracy arc sec 10 10
Machine  weight (approx.) T 7.5 6.5
Electric power KVA 40 40
Air pressure kg/cm² ≥6 ≥6
Machine dimension(Length×width×height) mm 3650×3000×3300 3200×3100×3200